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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept Stripe Payments as of now. You can do so within minutes for absolutely no charge.

We do offer discounts on bulk orders. Contact to know more, please contact

Yes, we can do both of these. New submissions are very straightforward. Claiming or editing existing listings is more complicated, and the approach depends on the directory in question. Some directories allow email verification for claiming listings, while others require phone verification. If we are unable to claim a listing, then we will submit an ‘edit’ to the listing via other means provided.

We always look to see if you have an existing listing before we submit it to a directory. If we find a listing and the core information is correct, then we will skip it and submit a different (‘Replacement’) directory. This means that you always get the same number of submissions you paid for.

Submissions are all done manually. We have a Citations team (20+ people) who handle all campaigns. 

We have a very tried & tested approach to submissions and deep knowledge of the directories and citation sites we use. 

These are the key steps we take for each campaign

– Identify appropriate citations for your business 

– Create a unique campaign email account for verifications 

– Check to see if your business is already listed in a directory 

– Submit business details to the directory – Click the link in a verification email to complete submission

 – Capture details in report & grab profile URL if a listing is created instantly 

– We will provide a google worksheet of all the directories listed

– Provide the customer with details of email account(s) & passwords used.

Before we make any submissions, we need to check whether the given listing is already there or not. In case it is there, we check for any inconsistencies between the information that is displayed on the directory and the information provided to us by you. If everything ties up in a way as it should, we move on to another high PR directory for the submissions. Also, we Keep our promise and will always provide new submissions to our customers.

Most local directories entail a user to input the following information about their business:

The business’s website URL addresses

Any keywords associated with the business

A couple of words describing the type of business

Names of the business and the owner

Business address

Contact numbers (phone and/or fax)

Email address

The founding date of the business

How many employees work for the business

The hours of operation

A video link about the business (or a promotional video)

Any links to social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

The brand or business logo

Any photos related to your business or brand

Please make sure to deliver us with all the available information . You may also provide us with a list of local directories that you would like to see your business listed on.

It is out of our control to assert whether these listings will go Live or not. Having said that, from our past experiences, it is known that a vast majority of the listings that we submit do become live, especially on the auto-approving directories. We can’t guarantee, but we can ensure that we try our best to make your submitted list alive.

Although most local directories do not require doing so, a couple of high-end directories (such as,, and will call in to confirm if all the information provided is genuine.

The selection process for local directories is based on a number of criteria as outlined below:


  • Does the local directory have a high DA, Niche Specific, or GEO Targeted?
  • Does this directory have a large traffic volume that can be directed to our client’s website when it becomes live?
  • How long will it take for the links to become live?
  • How good is its domain authority? How well will it appear in searches?
  • How do you select from the vast list of directories that you may have found?


Based on the quality of understanding and proficiency of our employees, they are able to pick out the best directories matched for your business. They are also able to pick directories that have certain congeniality among the locals in a certain area. This will attract people in the local community your business runs in. In unclear situations, our experts will go above and beyond by researching the websites of your candidates to find out directories where they have posted and to post your listing there. This gives your business a winning chance against your competitors while being listed in the most popular and appropriate local directories only.

We will send you an email regularly specifying the status of an order. At the end of work, we will email you a verifiable report that will allow you to check the links.

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