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Discover the Power of Citation Audit:


At Reputation Booster, we provide a comprehensive citation audit service to enhance your business’s online visibility. Our meticulous analysis focuses on the top directory sites, assessing the accuracy and consistency of your business citations. 


By identifying inconsistencies, eliminating duplicates, and claiming your listings, we ensure your business information is up to date. Our citation audit also covers incomplete citations, such as profiles and photos, on these directories.


Why is Citation Audit Essential for Your Business?


Citation audit plays a vital role in improving your business’s online performance. Recent research conducted by Moz highlights that citations and external location signals are among the top four ranking factors for local businesses. Ignoring the importance of citation audit could be detrimental to your search engine rankings and overall online reputation.

What is the NAP Format?


NAP, short for Business Name, Address, and Phone Number, holds great significance for your business listings. Having your NAP information listed correctly on various directories is crucial for search engines like Google to credit your business. It serves as a positive rating, increasing your credibility and visibility. Updating only your Google ‘My Business’ listing is not sufficient; it is vital to ensure NAP consistency across all directories. Neglecting this aspect can harm your search engine rankings due to the constant influx of inaccurate data from other sources.

Take Action – Doing Nothing is Not an Option!


Contrary to popular belief, doing nothing will not improve your search engine rankings. Even without manually providing data, erroneous information can find its way into Google and other search engines.


It is essential to ask yourself key questions to assess the accuracy of your business data:

  • Have you relocated your physical business?
  • Do you have multiple trade names or variations of your business name?
  • Does your physical business location match the legal documentation with state and federal authorities?
  • Do you use tracking phone numbers?
  • Has anyone within your organization set up listings without considering NAP consistency?


Answering yes to any of these questions indicates a high probability of incorrect data affecting your search engine rankings.


Experience the Benefits of Our Local Citation Audit:


Our expert team conducts a thorough local citation audit to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to your business. 


We meticulously analyze top business directory sites, ensuring your citations are accurate and consistent. 


Our services includes: 

  • Detailed Catalog: We compile a comprehensive catalog of your business citations from various directories.
  • Consistency and Accuracy: We rectify any inconsistencies and eliminate duplicate listings.
  • Claim Your Listings: We assist you in claiming your business listings on popular directories such as Yelp, Manta, Superpages, and more.
  • NAP Format: We ensure that your business listings adhere to the NAP format, maximizing search engine credit.
  • Quick Indexing: We prioritize the indexing of your citations for faster online visibility.
  • Error-Free Execution: Our diligent team double-checks all information, guaranteeing accurate data entry.
  • Transparent Progress: You can easily track your live listings and monitor the remaining listings that require attention.

Boost Your Sales Today!

At Reputation Booster, we go the extra mile to provide exceptional services that are essential for improving your search engine rankings. Higher rankings lead to increased traffic, positive ratings, and ultimately, more sales for your business. 


Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Place your order with us today and experience the difference. 

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